I’m going to vent.

I’m trying so very fucking hard to make friends. Year two begins tomorrow and still no one bothers with more than a hello or “how was your summer?” Even when I try to initiate conversation. Sooner or later someone else shows up to steal the conversation, wisk my attempted friend away, and I’m left there, by myself, again.. I envy those being invited to go places or to hang out… Even the freshmen, who have been here a solid 2 days, are off skipping hand in hand with thier new buddies like they’ve known eachother since preschool.

I’ve joined the clubs and partook in events, hoping to butt my way into some sort of social life like I’ve always had. I’m not a wallflower, I never had to be, but I hate this fucking school for pushing me to become one. 

rant over.


Hello hello hello to our incoming students~
Although some mystery is great, we don’t want you starting the school year feeling unprepared.
Are you worried about the five-hour long studio classes in your schedule?

I remember posting about them on my Tumblr when I first read my schedule…

We will be hosting a Q & A here on Tumblr and Twitter on August 27.
That’s just two weeks away, so mark your calendars and get your questions ready!

go go go go go


The shelter staff said they do this ALL DAY